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Rpc, Anime

Ok, I know there are new people everyday around the world that does rpc aka Role play character, But doesn’t know the main meaning of it. Rpc is most common with the anime,Naruto. Well I’m a new comer myself, and I know there isn't that much, rpc meanings of ANIME, they have these other things that stands for rpc instead of Rpc anime. So I’m explaining to you what the meaning is rpc is. Rpc is when you take an image of an anime character that you like, or you just want to use for just the fun. Like Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, or Ino. We all know the first thing you see when you type in, rpc anime or rpc naruto. You see edits of just Sakura. Well i don't know why people chooses her, but in my opinion is why they choose her is because; Sakura has nice eyes to my opinion. Now I can tell you, A real rpc is when you create the whole character not just changing the color of that characters outfit, that’s not real rpc, That’s just like any simple edit out there with Photoshop. Most people that is new, or doesn’t actually know how to edit very great does this all the time Rpc; role play character. You take a character from an anime, and you use that character for that character

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